Financial Policy

Dental Insurance


Please understand that dental insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance carrier, not between the insurance carrier and the dentist. The patient is still the responsible party regarding fees. We will be happy to process your insurance forms as a courtesy.

No insurance company will cover 100% of all dental expenses. Your co-payment and/or deductible, not covered by insurance, is due at the time treatment is performed.

The amount of coverage paid by your insurance company may be based on your insurance company’s own fee schedule for treatment, therefore it may be less than actual charges, resulting in lower coverage for you. We have no control over this situation. Lower payments are a direct result of the plan selected by your employer. Please be advised that we cannot waive co-payment.

Financial Policy

We have several financial options available for your convenience to enable you to receive the proper dental care, just ask our team. We have found that our patients appreciate knowing exactly what dental financial responsibility they will incur. Knowing this ahead of time allows us both to arrange for the completion of the necessary dental treatment.

We accept MC/Visa/debit cards/cash and personal checks.